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Hikikomori StereoType

For D&AD’s New Blood Awards 2020.

Challenge: Find a genre, song or musical movement that best represents a cause. Create a typography-first campaign with both physical and digital elements to inspire your audience to discover more about the issue(s) and, where relevant, spark a call to action.

Idea: In the year of lockdowns, Hikikomori Stereotype surges as a social campaign bringing attention to the human cost of social pressure, centered around the millions of dreams that live in perpetual quarantine. Its design is made of the combination between two popular elements: Open Sans (Google’s 2nd most served type) and Billie Eilish’s – Everything I Wanted. Together they serve as a reminder of the struggle some people face every day, opening a channel of empathy for the future generations in both the digital and the physical world.

AD: Rohil Borole, Seine Kongruangkit & Raquel Vega
CW: Lorenzo Colnaghi & Javier Granados

Awards: D&AD 2020 – Wood Pencil