Raquel Vega — Art Director



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Blue Pound Program

Daniela Cassis, Raquel Vega

Javier Granados

Sara Buggle

In 2015 The Huffington Post said “money is not about finances, it’s about emotions”. So, how can Barclays improve its users’ mental health through their money spending habits?.
We introduce the first bank program with a mood state limit. By analyzing real time data, it can stop users from overspending on a daily basis.

By identifying the link between mood states and money, we can help people cope better with their mental health and financial stability.

The UX/UI design is crafted through color psychology and typographic studies. The main goal is to build an experience that looks clean and human oriented – far from the usual corporate approach.

To complete the program, we merge this digital environment with two physical elements: a smart bracelet and a card with a pledge written on the back for the user to sign.

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