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I’m Raquel, pronounced [Rah:kel].

Since I couldn’t become a Spice Girl, I aimed to become someone who could create things for a crowd to see. After discovering advertising, I was damn (sorry, mom) sure that this was the path that would fulfill my ambitions. Ok, that last line is cheesy, but you get my point.

What did I learn during my 3.5 years in the workforce? Friendly bullying at the office is fun, I don’t look dumb when asking my seniors questions, treat work like a baby and make it with love, and working overtime tastes better with fried chicken.

So, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want: be a boss a** art director.


Born on October 20th, 1992, in Santa Cruz (the side of Bolivia that doesn’t have llamas), under the dramatic name of Silvia Raquel Vega Bellido.

I can speak fluent Spanish, English and Sass.

Relationship status: in love with Germany. Although we are in the honeymoon phase, I am sure we have a future together.


Miami Ad School Europe (Germany)
Portfolio Program in Art Direction | 2021

Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia)
Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design | 2015


Serviceplan IO (Germany)
Art Director – Intern | 2020

Hjaltelin Stahl (Denmark)
Art Director – Intern | 2020

Paprika (Bolivia)
Graphic Designer | 2018 – 2019

Rock and Roll (Bolivia)
Graphic Designer | 2014 – 2017


D&AD New Blood
1x – Woodpencil – Hikikomori

Creativity International Awards
1x – Silver – Hikikomori